Chiffon Rose Set

  • $25.00 USD

Simply stretch on this adorable Cozy Cocoon and your little darling will look totally fabulous in this soft and cozy chiffon rose headband set. Gorgeous & fashionable photos too! Comes with a cute rose wreath announcement card. BABY space is blank so you can write in your own babies name.  

No ties, no snaps, no buttons, no straps, slips onto baby like a sock! Wide stretch collar for easy on easy off. 

"Our baby was so calm with the Cozy Cocoon as opposed to traditional swaddling. No matter how tightly we swaddled her in a blanket, she would bust loose and then later startle herself! Sometimes swaddling made her agitated, but with the Cozy Cocoon on she was so peaceful." Jenny

  • Announcement card included
  • Set comes with matching floral chiffon headband
  • Cocoon Fabric: 95% cotton, 5% spandex
  • Baby: 100% adorable!
  • Care: Machine wash, cool water, tumble dry
Size Length Weight Age
One Size
18-25 inches up to 15 lbs.  0-4 months