Size Chart

Using our sizing guide ensures the correct snug fit.

Most sets are available in 0-3 month and 3-6 month sizes

Standard Measurements

Size Length Weight Age
Infant 18-23 inches up to 13 lbs. 0-3 months
Baby 24-25.5 inches up to 18 lbs. 3-6 months



Metric Measurements

Size Length Weight Age
Infant 46-58 cm up to 6 kg 0-3 months
Baby 59-64 cm up to 8 kg 3-6 months

cozy dancing elves

Many people ask us: "What is the best size to get for my baby?"

Our Cozy Cocoons are designed to fit baby snuggly to obtain a nice and cozy experience. Buying a large size for smaller baby to get a longer period of use is not a good idea. A large size will not be snug on a newborn, and baby can wiggle out. Please buy according to babies size now, or at birth to ensure all the benefits the Cozy Cocoon has to offer!