What is A Cozy Cocoon?

It's a new approach to swaddling that is simply adorable, plus it's super easy to use!

The Super Easy Swaddling design allows moms and dads to swaddle babies quickly, easily and perfectly every time! We all know that swaddling soothes babies into slumber, helps them sleep more deeply, makes breastfeeding easier, and calms little ones while they're awake ... but traditional swaddling is not easy! Patent-pending Cozy Cocoon is way easier that traditional swaddling ... and it's a whole lot cuter too! Cozy Cocoon combines fashion with function.

Here are 7 ways Cozy Cocoon is different from other swaddles:

1. Slip-On Design. The beauty of it, is it's ease! Brilliantly designed with no fasteners, out of stretchy cozy cotton, you simply slip it onto baby like a sock.

2. No Unraveling. It's stretchy cotton design slips right on and forms to baby. There are no fasteners and there is nothing to fold! It goes on and stays on, and there is no extra fabric to unravel.

3. No Irritations. Other swaddles on the market are bland contraptions that wrap, strap, zip or snap into place, which can irritate babies' sensitive skin. In contrast, Cozy Cocoons have ZERO uncomfortable zippers, snaps, straps, or tags. 

4. Adorable, Premium-Quality Designs. Each Cozy Cocoon is made from soft, stretchy, premium-quality fabric, and they come in a variety of super-cute designs! 

5. Easy Diaper Access. You have to remove traditional swaddles to change a baby's diaper - but not Cozy Cocoon. It features quick, easy Flip-Down Diaper Access so parents can change a diaper while their little ones stays snuggly, calm and warm.

6. Safe for Developing Hips. The biggest controversy with traditional swaddles (the reason some doctors even recommend against swaddling) is that parents can swaddle their babies too tightly and restrict hip/leg movement, which can cause hip development issues ... even hip dysplasia.  In contrast, Cozy Cocoons allow babies to move their legs freely!

7. Matching Hat. You not only get an adorable, super easy swaddle: Every Cozy Cocoon also comes with a matching hat to keep babies warm and cozy.